When bread is a stand alone course
2017. június 25. írta: világevő

When bread is a stand alone course

This is the bread in question. But there's much more than meets the eye! 


I'll get right to the details, but first listen to the sound of breaking bread! 

Most restaurants will serve the bread at the beginning of the menu so that the guests' hunger is appeased up front. Taubenkobel (Pigeonhole), a fine dining restaurant in Burgenland, next to the Hungarian border is in no such hurry: there are eight amuse-bouches and a starter before you get bread. But what a bread it is! 


Bread is a key part of the menu in all respectable restaurants. I wrote about Noma's bread and butter previously (in Hungarian). You will usually get very good bread in Austria but Taubenkobel is truly outstanding. The amazing breakfast already predicted that they pay great attention to bread, because they served my favorite Austrian artisan bread, the JosephBrot. It accompanied local cold cuts, hams, cheese and home-made jams: 


The same bread is on offer in the little brother of Taubenkobel, the Greisslerei


A previous JosephBrot experience of mine: 

This is great, of course, but you only get the real show-stopper with the fine dining dinner menu: the fresh, wood-fired oven baked organic bread. 

This is where the magic happens:

And all the condiments: 

  • lardo
  • Istrian prsut (aged ham)
  • Hungarian "Csabai" sausage 
  • home-made butter, made of raw milk 
  • brown butter (caramelised lactose makes it brown) 
  • mangalica fat
  • thistle oil (served with thistle)
  • milfoil
  • amaranth
  • wild rose leaves
  • chervil
  • dandelion
  • poppy flower
  • ribwort plantain
  • clover
  • saltwort


And this is only the beginning, now up to the main courses...

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