A bar, offering 3 Michelin-starred dessert tasting menu?
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A bar, offering 3 Michelin-starred dessert tasting menu?

There's a bar where you can eat only desserts, with drink pairings and special cocktails, created in harmony with the desserts.


The pastry chef has been around the world to study desserts and has studied the world of desserts, before deciding to fulfill his own dream. He worked and studied in the Basque country (for example at the 3 Michelin-starred Akkelare), at Alain Ducasse, at the Georges*** in France, at the RyuGin*** in Japan. And Gault Millau chose the then only 29-years-old René Frank to be the best pastry chef in 2013, when he lead the pastry department of the La Vie restaurant in Osnabrück, boasting 3 Michelin-stars and 19(!) GM points. Then, at the end of last summer, after 6 years in Osnabrück, he finally opened his completely unconventional, unique bar, where you can try his desserts in a tasting menu, together with matching drinks. I tried it and I show you how it looks. [The place - to put it mildly - is not suitable for taking pictures. It's a bar and it's dark.]


The whole tasting menu consists of six dishes. These are not necessarily very sweet or even slightly sweet desserts, because otherwise it wouldn't be possible to eat your way through them. These are the creative dishes of an amazing pastry chef, which could easily appear at the end of any 3 Michelin-starred menu. The tasting menu is not obligatory, you can try the dishes separately, or you can choose from the bar food, i.e. simple snacks. This is also valid for the drinks: you can ask the entire drink pairing or buy them separately, one by one. Among the guests, you'll also always find some who only came for a drink or two. But the majority comes for the tasting menu, and I can understand it.


1.Yellow tomato, mascarpone, pain d'épices
Drink pairing: hazelnut, plum, coriander



2. Milk, fig, anchovies
Ruby port, Kameman saké


3. Beetroot, tofu, blueberry
Pomegranate, orange, black olive

4. Goat cheese, brioche, grape
Crémant, caramel, sea salt


5. Parsley root, coconut, pistachio (and black garlic)
Oatmeal stout


6.  Dark chocolate (70 %), plum, chicory
Lambrusco Amabile, peated single malt


And the petit four because even after a dessert tasting, you still deserve some sweet bites in the form of excellent pralines:

This is the snack, pork cracklings with caramel and five spices flavours, as well as peanuts with bonito and kombu flavours:


The desserts are very sophisticated and exciting, and of course, they don't only contain the listed ingredients, but many others, like spices, sometimes adding only a hint of flavour. They hardly contain any sugar, on the contrary, they are savoury or neutral in flavour, thus it's not a problem but a great pleasure to eat all the six dishes. The drink pairings are excellent, and they interpret the meaning of a cocktail as freely as the meaning of a dessert. If you want to have a sneak peek into the world of the top restaurants, and you are not afraid of the modern, creative dishes, and you don't mind trying all these in a very informal and relaxed atmosphere, this is the place to be!

The website of the dessert bar and its Facebook account.

The best dishes of 2016. And this is the Restaurant of the Year 2016 in Hungary!

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