How Pierre Hermé's brilliant mille-feuille is made
2016. december 30. írta: világevő

How Pierre Hermé's brilliant mille-feuille is made

I don’t think I have to introduce Pierre Hermé's mille-feuille. There's a unique restaurant in Paris where you can have it à la minute, taylor-made. I checked it out and whipped-up one quickly myself.


Le Royal Monceau is an amazing hotel with a few touches that I have never seen in any other luxury hotels. But I was interested in its gastronomic offer this time. It has two restaurants, an Italian and a French, with one Michelin star each. I went for the latter: Pierre Hermé spoke about it a year ago, when I had the opportunity to have a long chat with him and I could ask him anything. He mentioned that you can order a taylor-made mille-feuille there: you can choose from the available flavour combinations with the help of a special wheel. Although my favourite remains the most simple one, I still wanted to try this feature.

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I finally managed to get to the La Cuisine, where obviously the Michelin-starred lunch was amazing, as were the Pierre Hermé macarons served as pre-dessert. Still, for me, the most exciting part was the taylor-made mille-feuille. I couldn't wait for the waiter to bring me the wheel and to try it for real.


Fortunately, the place was not crowded, and maybe they saw my enthousiasm, so I was allowed in the amazingly decorated kitchen to make a video on how they prepare the mille-feuille. That is, how they assemble the mille-feuille, because, obviously, the puff pastry is not folded and baked when the order comes in. The fillings are ready in piping bags (pastry cream, vanilla, pistachio, caramel cream custard etc.), so are the different puff pastries and the optional fruits and other toppings for the different variations.


Then a bigger surprise hit me when it turned out that I am not only allowed to film it but I can also try how to make a mille-feuille! This is how it is done by a professional and then my go at it - which turned out quite good, if I say so myself:


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