Restaurant of the future? Quality food, ordered online and picked up from a vending machine
2016. december 09. írta: világevő

Restaurant of the future? Quality food, ordered online and picked up from a vending machine

Data Kitchen is a very exciting project in Berlin. It is still based on a great chef preparing quality food, but orders come in via an app, instead of talking to waiters or browsing a menu. Then you pick up your order from a self-service machine.


The idea would already be exciting in itself, even without the extraordinary quality and the choice being interesting, modern and diverse, as it is. The background of the chef guarantees that everything is flawlessly executed. He gained experience in Europe's top restaurants, including restaurants with several Michelin stars, and this is reflected in the simple but exciting dishes. The Data Kitchen in Berlin is thus not simply fooling around with the "digital wall", but it is a promising experiment in shaping the future concept of restaurants, an interesting experience and a good adventure. I certainly recommend to try. On top of it, all the dishes can be enjoyed without delay.

On this video you can see how it works: the name of the client appears on the boxes in which the freshly prepared food is served at the previously chosen time. At that moment, a red light lights up and a notification is sent to the client's e-mail address. From this e-mail, by clicking on a link, the box can be opened and it continues as if you were in a traditional self-service restaurant.

And this is the Data Kitchen in pictures:

I think it would be useful to add an option to delay the order, although the waiting didn't harm any of the dishes I had at a later stage of my multiple-course lunch. The coffee is brewed freshly at the end of the lunch. Nevertheless, it wouldn't be bad to have a timing system, so that the main course is "served" only 10 minutes after the starter/soup. The menu is sadly lacking pictures, although they would, in particular because we are ordering online, really ease making the choice. Despite these minor details, I was perfectly satisfied. The interior design is good, the "digital wall" gives a nice visual experience and the content of the boxes, too. I would gladly return. I like if I don't have to wait, and I know when the food is ready; it is precious during the usual rush of working days.

Website of the restaurant and its Facebook page.


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